Garage Door Spring Replacement Lakeland

Garage Door Spring Replacement Lakeland

Do you know faulty springs may cause serious personal injuries? Please always pay attention to signs telling you something is wrong with your garage door springs.

This neglect on your part may cause property damage or expensive door destruction. This matter is severe and requires the immediate attention of experts. Feel free to call Prestige to get Garage door Spring Replacement services in Lakeland, Florida. Our highly professional and fully trained offer the most reliable same-day replacement service to ensure your peace of mind.

5 Signs That Tell You Garage Door Spring Needs Replacement

If you notice the following signs in your garage, you probably need to call our expert for spring door replacement services:

Sign #1 Door Feels Heavier Than Before 

Usually, when you use a door, it feels light with no extra weight or pressure. But once something goes wrong with its spring, it becomes heavier than usual. It may descend faster than it usually does. Well, it’s the first sign telling you the underlying story of faulty springs. Please pay close attention and call our door’s spring replacement experts immediately. 

Sign #2 Twitchy Door Movements 

When your garage door is twitching for no good reason, then probably something is not right with its springs. A faulty spring needs immediate replacement; otherwise, it damages other door components like pulleys, cables or drums. Whenever you notice a twitchy garage door, please call us and get services for Garage door spring replacement in Lakeland.

Sign #3 Unbalanced Door

Your door lay flat on the floor, but when it is uneven, certainly you should blame its springs for this lack of symmetry. Call us and fix this issue right away.

Sign #4 Wobbly Cables

When your garage door cables are too loose to control the door effectively, you need to hire a garage door expert from Prestige. We will replace your uncoiled or broken springs, so it won’t let your door cables fall off easily. 

Sign #5 Stuck door

Are you dealing with a stuck door that isn’t returning to its normal phase even when you activated emergency release? It’s another indication that requires you to seek Lakeland’s garage door spring replacement services.


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DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement – Should You Try it?

Absolutely not.

You might be a problem solver with handyman skills. So, it’s normal to try fixing the garage door’s spring on your own. But we strongly discourage our customers. Please don’t take this matter into your hand.

You might be watching video tutorials on Youtube for replacing a garage door spring. But no guide can replace the experience and skills that our trained professional has.

At Prestige, we have licensed repair experts who have been doing their jobs for over a decade. We are good at what we do and always advise our customers to prevent DIY spring replacement.

Please know that your garage door springs are made of metals, and they are heavy. They carry your door’s weight, approximately 300 to 400 pounds. When you try to fix them through tutorial videos, if anything goes wrong, it may damage the garage door opener, and eventually, the garage door will crash.

As a result, you may experience property damage and serious personal injury. Please keep yourself and your property safe from this disaster.

Always call experts who offer services of Garage door springs Replacement in Lakeland. We at Prestige have the right tools and people to fix this job within a few minutes.

Again, stay away from DIY fixing your worn-out or old springs. Get a helping hand from an expert who can always replace your spring with utmost perfection, precision, and accuracy.

Let us do what we do best while you can focus on your routine life without taking any hassle!

What is the Cost of Garage Door Spring Replacement Services in Lakeland?

Depending on the extent of spring damage, you need to pay $100-$150. When your spring has become useless and needs replacement, you would pay $150 to $400, including the cost of labor and hardware.

How long does it take to replace garage door springs?

The time of replacement depends on the extent and complexity of the issue. Technicians need more time to deal with old parts as they make the task more challenging. The task of spring replacement in an ideal situation takes only 30-60 minutes. Sometimes, our experts look into your garage door and find that your door needs readjustment while lubrication is also required. In that case, the technician will complete the job in one to two hours.

How to Find the Fastest Services of Garage Door Spring Replacement in Lakeland, FL?

Are you searching for the most reliable and efficient spring replacement services in Lakeland? Stop looking any further, as the Prestige garage door company is here to help. We offer same-day spring replacement services at a price you can afford.

Call now and get a free quote!


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Is it safe to repair a garage door yourself?

If you have not done it before, then it can be dangerous to do it by yourself. That is why it is recommended to call a professional. However, if you know what you are doing, then it could certainly save you some money.

Should I repair or replace my garage door?

When you need a single replacement panel, it is better to opt for repair over a full-fledged replacement. However, if more than one panels start to rust or fade, then it is a good idea to replace your garage door entirely instead of replacing panels individually.

What causes a garage door to not go up?

Broken Tension Springs. A broken spring repair is one of the most common reasons why a garage door is not opening. Garage tension springs store mechanical energy that controls the movement of the garage door. Wear and tear could weaken the tension springs, which could lead to the garage door not working.

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Johnathan Weaver
Broken Torsion Spring. Prestige was excellent in replacing my broken spring. Daniel was the technician who came and did the repair. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He showed up on time and completed the repair in a timely manner. He went above and beyond in tuning up my system at no extra charge. I am very glad I called Prestige as other companies do not offer the warranty and quality materials that I got for a cheaper price. My springs are high cycle (last longer) for no extra charge. Quit researching other companies and give Rob a call…Prestige will hook you up!
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